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Gelato & Sorbet

We produce our incredible authentic Italian Gelato and Sorbet at the café every morning, and some evenings, 7-days-per-week, 365-days-per-year.  We put 24 flavors (from a large portfolio) in the case every day.  Click here to see our Flavor Library.

One of the unique aspects of a Gelato Café is customers can sample the Gelato.  Customers are free to sample a taste of as many flavors as you like.  We can’t promise that picking your favorite flavor is going to be an easy decision, in fact, we know it's not easy to pick a favorite because they are all delicious; there is no wrong choice when it comes to our Gelato flavors!

Gelato is ice cream made with whole milk instead of milk cream (fat).  Sorbet is water-based instead of milk-based, it is made the same way as Gelato and is very similar but non-dairy.



panini sandwich

Cuisine (i.e. Great Food!)

Because man cannot live on Gelato alone (or so we hear), we offer a variety of made-to-order hot Panini sandwiches for Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, or any time during our open hours.

Coming very soon, we are rolling out a full line-up of made to order Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Crepes.

Brunch could not be any better with our Canadian bacon or sausage, egg and cheese sourdough muffin Panini sandwich.  Lunch and dinner is covered with Panini choices of sourdough or wheat bread, ham or turkey, and American, Pepperjack, or Swiss cheese.

Our made-to-order Gelato, coffee, and espresso drinks, Gelato shakes, and Italian desserts like Italian Cannoli and Tiramisu, and imported French Macarons are guaranteed to make your meal the best experience ever.



We now have lots of ways for you to get your hands on our delicious products.

You can simply call ahead to order and come by the café to pick up your order.  You don't even have to get out of the car, we'll bring it out to you when you arrive.

GrubHub, Waitr, and OnTheGoDelivery offers delivery or pickup ordering of everything on our menu.  These days it's easier than ever to get whatever you desire.  The services also make it easy for entire offices or businesses to get everyone something.  We have several regular business customers that have large orders of Gelato, shakes, smoothies and lots of other treats brought to their office or business location every week.  Talk about a morale booster!!

Catering & Events

Want to make your event the greatest event in the history of events?  Add Gelato.  It's what we do.

We have a large portable Gelato case that we can take to any location and serve Gelato to groups from about 50 to 5,000.  Indoor or outdoor, it doesn't matter, we have a generator to power the case if there's no electricity available.  We take our Gelato to numerous events around the Ark-La-Tex already.

Of course Gelato isn't the only thing we do, we're now able to cater just about any event, if we don't have it, our partner restaurants and caterers do.

Visit the Catering/Events Page for more info

Bossier City Location

We said when we opened the South Shreveport Café that we would open a location in Bossier as soon as we were able; well, we sort of have one now, in the Bossier City Civic Center.  We are managing the Bossier Civic Center Café (a.k.a. the concession stand), so we're on site in Bossier City during most Civic Center events.

Of course we have about the best concession style food on the planet, but we also bring our Gelato with us for the larger events and we always have Gelato half-pints, tacos, and cannoli.  You just haven't lived until you've had Gelato with a corn dog and chili cheese nachos.

So, Bossier City friends, check the calendar for events at the Civic Center and come by for Gelato.


Wholesale & Custom Production

One of our new goals is getting our Gelato into more places.  We would like folks in every town in the Ark-La-Tex to be able to enjoy our Gelato as much as we do.  We will focus on pans for restaurant dessert service and pint and quart containers for selling in stores.

We are able to make Gelato or regular ice cream of just about any flavor imaginable, so we can also make custom-flavored product and package it however needed.

We are already selling Gelato by the Half-Pint, Pint, and Quart out of the case at the restaurant, so if you want to keep a supply of Gelato at home come by the café and pick your flavors, we'll load you up.


The Primo Patio

Our beautiful patio is a great place to sit and enjoy the world with Gelato, coffee, and friends and family.  We would like to make more use of our patio with more family friendly events like music, movies, parties, or just get-togethers so suggestions are welcome.  If you need a place to meet up, make yourself at home and enjoy the view.

Gift Cards

Give the greatest gift on the planet: Primo Gelato!  We have gift cards in the store, but you can also give electronic gift cards via email through our Square Point of Sale System.  Sales reps, can you imagine a better way to be remarkable with your clients?


Birthday Parties

If you would like to have your birthday party here at our fabulous cafe or on our great patio, please feel free to make yourself at home, there is no fee or requirements.  We know there could be no better party favor than Gelato.

What is "Primo Gelato" and "Primo Gelato Café?"

Primo Gelato is our incredible Italian ice cream.  The basic ingredient of Gelato is whole milk rather than milk cream (milk fat) that is the basic ingredient of ice cream.  Gelato contains about 70% less fat than ice cream. Gelato has a more dense texture and more intense flavor than traditional ice cream because of the decreased amount of fat and a significantly lower percentage of air from the slower batch freezing process in Gelato production.

Primo Gelato Café is our restaurant where we produce and offer our Gelato.  Our Gelato is the star of the show at Primo Gelato Café.  We differentiate them because we intend to start packaging and wholesaling Primo Gelato.

A sampling of our Gelato flavors includes: Amarena Black Cherry Swirl, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pannacotta, Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, Berry White (Raspberry & White Chocolate), Chcocolate Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Bubble Gum, Vanilla, Amaretto Chocolate Chip, Tiramisu, Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry, Red Velvet Cake, Butter Pecan, Cookies & Milk, Straccietella, Dulce De Leche, Coffee, Pistachio Almond, and many more.

A few of our Sorbets include: Lemon, Raspberry, Peach, Forest Berries (Blueberry, Blackberry & Raspberry), Mango Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Banana, and many more.

For folks watching sugar, we have flavors sweetened with Stevia and/or Splenda.


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