Catering & Events

Want to make your event the greatest event in the history of events?  Add Gelato.  It's what we do.

We have a large portable Gelato case that we can take to any location and serve Gelato to groups from about 50 to 5,000.  Indoor or outdoors, it doesn't matter, we have a generator to power the case if there's no electricity available.  We take our Gelato to numerous events around the Ark-La-Tex already.


Bossier Civic Center Concessions

We are managing the Bossier Civic Center Café (a.k.a. the concession stand), so we're on site in Bossier City during most Civic Center events.

Of course we have about the best concession style food on the planet, but we also bring our Gelato with us for the larger events and we always have Gelato half-pints, tacos, and cannoli.

So, Bossier City friends, check the calendar for events at the Civic Center and come by for Gelato.


Wholesale & Custom Production

One of our goals is getting our Gelato into more places.  We would like folks in every town in the Ark-La-Tex to be able to enjoy our Gelato as much as we do.

We are able to make Gelato or regular ice cream of just about any flavor imaginable, so we can also make custom-flavored product and package it however needed.

What is "Primo Gelato" and "Primo Gelato Café?"

Primo Gelato is our incredible Italian ice cream.  The basic ingredient of Gelato is whole milk rather than milk cream (milk fat) that is the basic ingredient of ice cream.  Gelato contains about 70% less fat than ice cream. Gelato has a more dense texture and more intense flavor than traditional ice cream because of the decreased amount of fat and a significantly lower percentage of air from the slower batch freezing process in Gelato production.