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The Primo Snacks line came from our extensive experience with concessions.  We've found what folks love, and we've figured out how to produce it.

Sweet Potato Chips- Sweet Potato Chips fried in peanut oil and seasoned with salt. Carb-Friendly.

Potato Chips- Russet potato chips fried in Peanut Oil and seasoned with salt.

Possum Pops- Primo Possum Pops are our own phenomenal version of Buccee's Beaver Nuggets; Maple Butter Caramel Crunch Coated Corn Puffs.  They are addictive!

Beef Jerky- Easy to eat Jerky; anyone can eat it. Available in NWLA Spicy or NWLA Mild.

Caramel Corn- Crunchy caramel coated popcorn.

Popcorn Balls- Old-timey style popcorn balls.

Trail Mix- Premium salty and sweet trail mix vacuum packed for freshness and minimal space requirements in packing.

Fried Apple Pies- delicious glazed handheld apple pies.