Growing up in the country in the South, parched peanuts were our number one snack, and part of many great childhood and family memories.   Parched peanuts were always there when we were deer hunting, fishing, at football, baseball games and dirt track races.  They were at most get-togethers or when we were just sitting around on the back porch shooting the breeze.  That crunchy, well done just short of burnt, perfectly done, taste still brings those memories flooding back.  Even shelling them one at a time was part of the glory: the thrill of getting the shell halfed and all of the peanuts in the half shell situated perfectly to be dumped into your mouth all at once was magical... and still is.

With that kind of love of parched peanuts in our heritage, we wanted to produce them just the way they were done  years ago for other folks who remember them, and for younger folks who haven't been lucky enough to have had them like this before.

Of course we can't just stop there, we'll also be adding spicy boiled peanuts as well.  We'll also be looking at parching some that are seasoned inside the shell.  We didn't have that capability years ago, but wow, talk about making an incredible parched peanut.