Primo Gelato & Sorbetto

Produced daily, 24 pans/flavors in the cases every day.  We have a gigantic portfolio of flavors to pick from so we try to rotate new flavors in as often as we can.

Cups: Small (1-flavor) $4.39; Regular (1-2 flavors) $5.19; Large (1-3 flavors) $5.99

Waffle Cones ($0.79 empty) - Made fresh here in the Café every day: Small $5.19 (2-scoops/1-flavor); Regular $5.99 (3 scoops/1-2 flavors); Large $6.79 (4 scoops/1-3 flavors).

Waffle Bowl $0.79 - One size bowl, Gelato scooped with a blue ice cream scoop.
1 Scoop/1 Flavor $5.19; 2 Scoops/2 Flavors $5.99; 3 Scoops/3 Flavors $6.79
Add whipped cream $0.50; Add Syrup/Topping $0.79 - Syrup/Toppings: Raspberry, Caramel, White Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate.

4-Flavor Gelato Flight: $8.95 - A great way to truly experience different flavors, plenty for two people to share.

Toppings: $1.00 - Pick from any of our Primo Classic Shake flavors, like M&Ms, Butterfingers, or Fruit Loops.

Spaghetti & Meatballs: $8.49 - Vanilla Gelato Spaghetti, Strawberry Syrup Spaghetti Sauce, and Chocolate Meatballs

Packaged Gelato: Quarter-Pints: $3.99 - Half-Pints: $5.99 - Pints: $8.99 - Quarts: $15.49 - Gelato scooped right from the case or already packaged in the Made-Here reach-in freezer.  Quarter-Pints are packaged for wholesale with wooden spoon under lid.  Quarter-Pint Case: 43.99.

Gelato To-Geaux Packs  - Traditional European style styrofoam to-go packs
Small- 1-2 Flavors- 5 Servings (25 oz): $12.49
Regular- 1-3 Flavors-10 Servings (50 oz): $19.99
Large- 1-4 Flavors- 15 Servings (75 oz): $25.49

Party To-Geaux Packs  - Everything needed to have Gelato anywhere (cups, serving spoon, Gelato spoons, etc. included)
Small- 1-2 Flavors- 5 Servings (25 oz): 14.99;
Regular- 1-3 Flavors-10 Servings (50 0z): 22.99;
Large- 1-4 Flavors- 15 Servings (75 oz): 28.49

Spumoni: $5.79  - Traditional Italian Gelato cake with a chocolate cookie crumb crust, under layers of Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Amarena Black Cherry Swirl, and Pistachio. Located in the Made-Here Freezer.

Gelato Cannoli: $2.99  - Handmade right here- waffle cone tubular pastry filled with our incredible Gelato, sealed with chocolate shell.  Located in the Made-Here Freezer.

Gelato Taco: $4.49  - That’s right, a Gelato TACO!! Waffle cone taco shell filled with a variety of Gelato flavors, sealed with chocolate shell. Located in the Made-Here Freezer.

Gelato Sandwich: $2.49  - Your Favorite Gelato between soft cookies. Located in the Made-Here Freezer.

Primo Gelatosicles!!

They're here! Gourmet Gelato and Sorbetto pops, what we grew up calling popsicles, made with the incredible artisanal Gelato we make in-house every day.  Another phenomenal and fun way to enjoy Gelato or Sorbet. Just in time to make this Summer the best ever! $2.99 each.


Primo Delectables

Our Delectables are plated and packaged to enjoy here in the café or to-go, but also as a pre-order desert for your special dinner or party.

Macarons - Multiple Flavors/Colors  - Single: $1.49; Three $4.25; Six Pack $8.40; Twelve Pack $16.00.

Heart-Shaped Macarons - $1.79 each.  Show the Love!

Small Macaron Tower w/Carrying Case - $75.00  - Includes 40 Macarons and a $20 refund on the return of the tower and case in perfect condition.   A Macaron Tower makes the most memorable birthday or reception cake ever!

Large Macaron Tower: $100.00-$310.00 (varies according to number of Macarons). Option of 5 to 10 layers and 37 to 200 Macarons in order to fit the number of Macarons you wish to have with a full tower. Price includes $50 tower deposit refunded upon return of the tower in perfect condition.

Italian Cannoli: $4.79  - Traditional Italian crispy tubular pastries filled with Ricotta based cannoli cream with chocolate chips. Choice of one large or two smalls.  We also sell our cannoli shells for folks who like to make their own filling ($1.00 small; $1.50 large).  Give us enough lead time and pre-order as many cannoli as you need for your dinner, party, or event.

Tiramisu: $4.99  - A luxurious traditional Italian treat of mascarpone & ladyfingers delicately soaked in espresso, topped with cocoa.  Pre-order a whole 12 x 9 cake for $55.00.

Éclair: $4.49  - An exquisite French Bavarian Créme filled chocolate covered pastry.  Coming soon- Mini Eclairs- Get four minis for the same price and one regular.

Crème Brulée - $3.49 - One of the most well known desserts on the planet.  Have it here at the café in a traditional ceramic ramekin; get it to-go in a disposable ramekin; or order it ahead of time for your dinner party in returnable ceramic ramekins and choose whether to caramelize the sugar yourself or have us do it ahead of time.

Primo Cuisine

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Anytime - Hand-Made-To-Order Grilled Italian Panini Sandwiches and French-style Crepes Served All Day:

Ham & Cheese Panini: $7.89 Sourdough Bread with Ham and choice of (1) American Cheese; (2) Colby Jack; (3) Pepper Jack, or (4) Swiss.  Default is American Cheese.

Turkey & Wheat Panini: $7.89 Wheat Bread with Turkey and choice of (1) American Cheese; (2) Colby Jack; (3) Pepper Jack, or (4) Swiss.  Default is Swiss Cheese.

Cheese Panini: $5.49 Sourdough bread with choice of (1) American Cheese; (2) Colby Jack; (3) Pepper Jack, or (4) Swiss.  Default is Colby Jack Cheese.

Breakfast Panini: $6.49 Sourdough Muffin with egg, American cheese and choice of (9) Canadian Bacon or (10) Sausage.

Coming Soon: Primo Crepes!  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert Crepes made to order any time, filled with choice of meats, cheeses, fruits, creme, etc.

Primo Signature Potions

Gelato Latte - Only Available at Primo. Hot Latte flavored with your favorite Gelato.
Small: $4.39; Regular $4.99; Large: $5.59

Affogato- Vanilla Gelato (or your favorite flavor) drowned in your choice of espresso or Spicy Hot Chocolate.
Regular: $4.99; Large: $5.99

Primo Gelato Shakes & Malts - Made with any flavor Gelato in the case.
Small: $4.99; Regular: $5.99; Large: $6.79
Add espresso shots: one: $1.00; two: $1.50; or three: $2.00.
Malts are the same price as Shakes.

Primo "Classic" Shakes & Malts- Made with Vanilla Gelato flavored with classic candy, cookie, cereal, or syrup.
Small: $5.99; Regular: $6.99; Large: $7.79.
Candy: M&M Plain; M&M Peanut; Snickers; Kit Kat; Reese's Pieces; Twix; Butterfinger; Milky Way; 3 Musketeers.
Cookies: Oreos; Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip.
Cereal: Fruit Loops; Cinnamon Toast Crunch; Captain Crunch.
Syrup: Nutella; Caramel; Raspberry; White Chocolate; Dark Chocolate.

Iced Caramel Macchiato-  Beautiful artisan mixture of caramel, milk, espresso and whipped cream.
Small: $3.99; Regular: $4.59; Large: $5.29
Hot Caramel Macchiato- The same drink only hot with steamed milk.

Smoothies- Fat free; made from any of the real fruit Sorbets that we have in the Gelato cases.
Small: $4.59; Regular:  $5.39; Large- $6.19.

Add Espresso Shot(s): Single Shot- $1.00; Double-Shot- $1.50; 3- $2.00.  Add espresso to any of our drinks or potions.

Sorbetto Blended Tea- $3.19, $3.59, & 3.99. An amazing tea experience by marrying unsweetened green tea with the Sorbetto of your choice.

Primo Espresso Drinks

Espresso Shake-  Vanilla Gelato with espresso. Available Flavors: Espresso; Mocha; Caramel; White Chocolate.
Small (1 shot): $5.99; Regular (2 shots): $6.99; Large (3 shots): $7.79.

Frappe-  Small: $4.59; Regular: $5.39; Large: $6.19. Blended Ice, Vanilla Gelato, & Espresso.  Available Flavors: Espresso, Caramel, Mocha, White Chocolate.

Mocha, White Chocolate, or Caramel Latté- Small: $3.98; Regular: $4.58; Large: $5.28.  Latté Flavored with syrup.

Cappuccino, Latté & Iced Latté- Small: $3.19; Regular: $3.79; Large: $4.49

Espresso Shots: Single: $1.89; Double: $2.49; Triple: $3.09.  Add espresso shots to any drink: single- $1.00; double- $1.50; triple-$2.00.

Drip Coffee - Selected Café-Style Varieties: Small- 1.83; Regular- 2.28; Large- 2.74.

Americano: Drip Coffee Alternative - Espresso disciplined with Hot Water. 1-Shot- $2.29; 2-Shots- $2.89; 3-Shots- $3.49.  All served in a small cup.

Flavor Shot: $0.79; Add a flavor to any of our drinks: Amaretto, Caramel, Coconut, Hazelnut, Mint, Vanilla, Sugar-free Vanilla.

Hot Tea – Bigelow multiple flavors; Small- $0.91; Regular- $1.37; Large- $1.83. That’s $1, $1.50, & $2 with tax.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate-  Small: $2.89; Regular: $3.89; Large: $4.89. Kid friendly temperature. Chocolate; Peppermint-Chocolate; White Chocolate, Nutella and Butter Beer.

Spicy Hot Chocolate: Small: $1.83.  Our own recipe; hot chocolate with a little kick.

Grab-n-Go Drinks- San Pellegrino Water, Dasani Water, San Pellegrino Sparkling Soda (Clementine, Lemon, Orange, Blood Orange, Pomegranate & Orange, & Grapefruit), Mexican Coke, Dr Pepper, Diet Coke, Diet Dr Pepper, Sprite, Yoohoo.


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