In our never-ending search for perfect concession foods, we knew that Louisiana-style Fried Meat Pies would be a perfect fit. Louisiana Fried Meat Pies are world famous, and one of the best hand-held foods ever, ranked right up there with Boudin and Cracklins.

We set out to create a meat pie that just about anyone can eat after hearing from so many customers say they couldn’t eat them because of indigestion. We understood that from personal experience.

So, we went to work in the kitchen and we are incredibly proud of what we have created. We have had so many people sing the praises of our Primo Fried Meat Pies, many of them thrilled they can eat them without worrying about indigestion. 100% of the feedback we’ve received in the development process has been positive.

And of course, they are a perfect addition to our Concession offerings.