Primo Management is the newest division of the company that came about through the experience gained from managing events and facilities for several organizations in previous years and the extensive experience gained while managing Primo Concessions and Catering.

Primo Management's mission is to contract management of events and facilities under a mutually beneficial arrangement so that both the client organization and Primo benefits.  We are business people so we know that there is only one thing that any business absolutely has to do: make a profit.  Nothing else matters if that does not happen.

Primo's unique selling propositions or competitive advantages include:
- locally managed with local employees that care about our community and all taxes, spending, etc. kept in the local economy.
- Primo's small size and local management allows us the flexibility to customize arrangements to fit whatever is needed to create a mutually beneficial arrangement with clients.
- We have access to an extensive number of experienced staff ready to come in on an as need basis.