Cracklins may be the most addictive food in the history of mankind!  What's great about that is there is no real down side to this addiction... well, unless you eat yourself sick!  So, control yourself around these Cracklins.

Cracklins also called Grattons (French/Cajun) and Chicharrons (Spanish/Mexican) are simply fried chunks of bacon with the pig skin still attached, slow cooked down until the fat is rendered, cooled, flash fried, then seasoned or salted. Cracklins are not Pork Skins or Pork Rinds; Pork Skins/Rinds are nothing but the pig skin so they cost much less to make, and the taste is different. Cracklins are the entire pork belly, skin, fat, and meat. After Crackins are rendered and browned, they have a phenomenal combination of textures in each chunk: a crunchy skin portion (like a Pork Skin), a soft rendered fat layer and the chewy delicious meat. Because Cracklins are made with the entire pork belly through an extensive cooking process, ready to eat Cracklins cost much more than Pork Skins.

If you've never had Cracklins, prepare to be blown away, Primo Cracklins will change your life!