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Brittle in the making

We have developed an amazing line of confections that people from all over the country have enjoyed. All of our candies are made from scratch using old-fashioned recipes. We package them in 5-ounce clam-shell packages for sale in concession operations, but we are about to offer them for sale on this site in 20-ounce increments.

Primo Confections include:

English Buttercrunch Toffee- Toffee encrusted with toasted slivered almonds and topped with chocolate.

Fudge with Toasted Pecans- Traditional delectable chocolate fudge with toasted pecans.

Fudge- the same delectable fudge with no nuts.

Butter Spiced Rum Fudge- Fudge made with Louisiana's Bayou Spiced Rum, white chocolate and butter scotch chocolate.  Decadent!

Peanut Butter Fudge- incredible peanut butter fudge.

Peanut Brittle- the traditional candy we all remember from our Grandmothers, nothing else makes a kitchen smell better than peanut brittle.

Fresh made Peanut Brittle

Pecan Brittle- the same traditional brittle but made with pecans for a whole other taste.

Pecan Pralines- New Orleans style pralines.

Bourbon Bacon Pecan Pralines- New Orleans style pralines with Jack Daniels and crumbled bacon pieces.

Divinity-The name truly says it all, out of this world deliciousness with a texture like no other.

Brownies- Both with Toasted Pecans and without.  Brownies that you will not forget.  We taste tested dozens of recipes to come up with our Primo Brownies.

Nut allergy alert: all of our confections are made with the same equipment so we cannot guarantee that confections without nuts do not have some residue from other batches with nuts.

Fudge with roasted pecans
Fudge with roasted pecans
Packaged Fudge with no nuts
Packaged Fudge with no nuts
A fresh pan of Divinity
A fresh pan of Divinity
Fresh Pan Of Traditional English Toffee
Fresh Pan Of Traditional English Toffee