Our view of concessions is different, we see concessions as a marketing function rather than a food service. We go to enormous lengths to offer above average food and service at very competitive prices. We believe that concessions has a massive impact on the quality of an event or facility. We’ve had countless conversations with show planners and vendors voicing disdain for venues because of exorbitant prices for poor quality food and even worse quality of customer service. We set out from the get-go to create an extraordinary concession operation, and we have accomplished that.

If you have a need for an extraordinary concession, please let us know.

Below is our concession menu for the BCC Concession Cafe.  The prices are very reasonable, especially with the fact that sales taxes are included along with the Civic Center Commission, so about 30% right off the top goes to cover them.  Add in cost of goods sold (what all of the products cost us), waste (what doesn't sell) and all of the other costs like insurance, salaries, licenses, etc., etc., etc., and the prices are ridiculously low.  We dare folks to compare our prices to any other concession, event venue, or especially movie theaters and it's easy to see.

Everything on the menu can be ordered “to-go.” Take supper home!

Show Specials: See signs for the show special; one of the special panned meals from our catering/take home menu: Gumbo, Red Beans & Rice, Jambalaya, Chicken & Dumplings, Beef Tips and many more.

Meal Deal $3 – Add chips and a soda, tea or lemonade to any of the below.

Primo Boudin- $5 – Link of Traditional Cajun Pork & Rice, or, Carb-Friendly Chicken & Brown Rice Boudin.
Also Available: Frozen 1-pound packages of Boudin for take-home (heat & eat)- $12
Primo Boudin Burger- $7 – Boudin patty on a burger bun. Add cheese- $1.
Also Available: Frozen Boudin Burger Patties for take home (heat & eat) – 4 for $12.
Primo Fried Meat Pies- $5 – Our own delicious Natchitoches meat pie creation.
Also Available: Frozen Meat Pies for take home (heat & eat) – 3 for $12

Hamburger- $6 – Double meat, add- $2. Lettuce, tomato, onions & pickles on the side for all sandwiches.
Cheeseburger- $7 – Double cheese: add $1. Without meat- $5.
Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich- $7 – On a hamburger bun. Add cheese- $1.
Chicken Salad Sandwich- $6 – On a hamburger bun. Add cheese $1.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $7 – On a hamburger bun. Add cheese- $1.
Garden Salad- $6 Choice of Ranch or Italian. Add Grilled Chicken- $3.00
Frito Pie- $5 add nacho cheese $1: add a diced hotdog- $2.
Bowl of Chili- $5- comes with shredded cheese and saltines.
Breakfast Sandwich- $4 – Jimmy Dean Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant.
Hot Dog- $3.50 Chili or Chili-Cheese Dog- $4.50 Corn Dog- $3.50
Hot Link- $4 Add Chili, Shredded Cheese, or Nacho Cheese- $1 ea.
Nachos- $4 Chili Cheese Nachos- $5

Primo Confections: Fudge, Toffee, Peanut Brittle, Pecan Brittle & Pralines- $5
Chips- $1.50
Tony’s Crackers, Planters Peanuts- $1
Candy- $2 – Plain and Peanut M&Ms; Snickers; Twix; Sour Patch; etc.
Candy- $1.50 – Air Heads, Fruity Snacks, Oreo Cookies; Granola Bars
Pastries- $2 Honey Bun, Pecan Pie
Pickle-in-a-Pouch- $3
Super Pretzel- $4 – choice of salt or cinnamon sugar. Add nacho cheese- $1
Popcorn- Large-$4; Small- $2

Bottled Water- $1 Soft Drinks, Sunny D, Apple Juice, etc. – $2 – Coke Zero can- $1.50
Sweet Tea, Un-Sweet Tea, Lemonade (fresh made) – $2
Powerade- $3 Monster- $4 – Original Black & Zero Sugar White
Coffee, Hot Chocolate, & Cappuccino- $2 Cup of Ice- $.50

In the Self-Serve Freezer:
Tiramisu- $4 – “pick-me-up” Italian pie
French Macarons- $4 – 8 imported French Macarons, various flavors
Frozen Primo Boudin- Pork or Chicken- $12/lb – Heat and eat.
Frozen Primo Boudin Burger Patties- $12/4 – Heat and eat.
Frozen Meat Pies- 3 for $12