Serving Gelato from the small case at a private party.

Wedding Receptions, Festivals, Company Picnics, Holiday Parties, Business Meetings, Food Truck Events, Pop-up Food Events, Fundraisers, School Events, Fairs/Carnivals, Philanthropic Galas, etc. are all events that Primo Gelato will make world-class.

Gelato- Our handmade artisanal all-natural authentic Italian Gelato hand-served from our portable catering Gelato case. We can bring up to 12 different flavors. We have the equipment, team and ability to serve from 50 to 5000, indoors or outdoors, from 1-hour to multi-day events. We have pop-up tents and a generator for outdoor events and festivals. If indoors, the Gelato case will require an almost dedicated electrical circuit (it pulls about 10 amps). Coffee pots will also require an additional almost dedicated circuit.

Premium Drip Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Hot Tea, as well as colas, bottled water, etc.

The large case and event setup at Cork

Gelato Catering Cost and Details:

We have two portable Gelato cases.  The small case holds 4 serving pans and two or three backup pans underneath the serving pans.  The large case holds 12 serving pans and 20-30 backup pans underneath.  One pan of Gelato is approximately 3.8 to 4 liters or 130 to 140 ounces of Gelato.

Minimum service/event size: 2 pans of Gelato with 1-pan minimum increasing increments thereafter:

1 pan will provide approximately:
- ~40 Three-ounce Flight Cups/Servings – approximately 80 servings from 2 pans.  Served with 3 ounce ice cream scoopers. This is the standard most used.
- ~27 Five-ounce Small Cups/Servings – app. 54 servings from 2 pans.  Served with 4-ounce ice cream scoopers. These are the small size cups from the cafe.
- ~19 Seven-ounce Regular Cups/Servings – app. 38 servings from 2 pans.  Served with Gelato spatulas like in the cafe. These are the regular/medium size cups from the cafe.
- ~15 Nine-ounce Large Cups/Servings – app. 30 servings from 2 pans. Served with Gelato spatulas like in the cafe.  These are the large size cups from the cafe.

This equates to a 80, 54, 38, or 30-person minimum depending on serving sizes; increasing in increments of 45, 27, 19, or 15. For events with fewer people, consider our pints, quarts, or To-Go Packs.  A large To-Go holds approximately 15 small servings.

Cost: $125.00 per pan - $250.00 minimum, increasing in increments of $125.00 per pan minimum. Sales tax will be added. Includes delivery (within approximately 15 miles), setup, and one server.  Maximum time limit that we can stay on site: one hour for first two pans increasing in 30-minute increments with each additional pan.

Serving Time span: it takes approximately 30-45 seconds to scoop and serve one cup; 80-120 people per hour. If service needs to be faster, a second server will be commissioned.  A second server at $50 is required for service with seven pans or more.

Space and equipment constraints prevent sampling or taste-testing during catering like we can in the store.

Flavors per cup- 1 flavor in Flight Cups; 1 flavor in Small Cups; 1 to 2 in the Regular & 1 to 3 in the Large Cups.

The small Gelato case.

Space Requirements: The small Gelato Case is 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 28 inches tall.  It is relatively light and can be lifted up short stair cases, door entries, etc. The large Gelato Catering Case is 6 feet long, 28 inches wide and 52 inches tall. It will go through a regular door.  It is very heavy so it cannot be lifted over stairs, door entries, etc.

Transportation/Delivery Costs: No additional cost up to 15 miles from café. $2 per mile over 15, no limit to distance we will travel.

Server Cost: No extra cost for 1 Server- 6 pans.
- $50.00 extra Server charge for 7 or more pans.

Maximum/Minimum service size/speed/time- shortest time frame and maximum service- 480 servings/people, 3-servers, 24 pans, approximately 2 hours. For larger/longer events, we will resupply the cases. There really is no maximum to the number of people we can serve with sufficient lead time.  For large events, a 50% up front deposit will be required.

Electrical Fee: No cost if suitable electricity is supplied (solid dedicated circuits).
- Generator fee: In an outdoor catering event where we have to use our generator: $10.00 per hour of use; $20 minimum.

Tips are shared by the cafe team only.

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