Gelato and Dessert Catering

Our Gelato, Delectables and Coffee are guaranteed to make your event, reception or party absolutely Remarkable.  The phenomenal Primo Crew is amazing at what we do; they will bring that talent.


Cuisine Catering

After numerous requests, we developed a line of food for catering and events to compliment our Gelato and Delectables. We are able to offer numerous food options to fit most any event, meeting, or party.

Food Truck Events

We don't have a food truck, but we actually have much more flexibility than trucks.  Our Event Operations, our portable Gelato cases, generator and popup tents, lets us serve Gelato just about anywhere.  Nothing compliments all of the food truck options available more than Gelato.



We take great pride in serving people and making events the best they can be.  Our phenomenal crew is capable of putting together and hosting any kind of event with any kind of food.  Our business model at the café gives us a huge advantage because we can pull from the crew to man events outside the café, so catering outside events becomes an extension of what we do in the café.

Contact us to talk about your event

View our menus to get an idea of the basic cuisine we offer regularly, but know that there's little we can't do.