Fresh made Boudin

Primo produces an extensive menu of warmed handheld snacks:


Boudin Nuggets

Boudin Burgers

Crawfish Boudin

Fried Meat Pies

Pork Belly Cracklins


Boudin (boo-dan) is a scrumptious Cajun dish made with meat, rice, and seasonings. Traditional Boudin is made with pork, liver, and white rice, but Boudin can be made from many different ingredients and everyone has their personal own recipe and process.

We produce and offer both Pork Boudin and Crawfish Boudin.

Boudin makes the perfect snack food because it is an entire meal all in one sausage casing. It also makes the perfect Louisiana concession food: that is why we produce our own Primo Boudin. Whenever folks visit our state, they want to experience our food, and nothing is more Louisiana than Boudin.

We make our Boudin in small batches so we can have total control of each and every ingredient, stage, component and flavor level. Producing in small batches lets us focus on the flavor of everything that goes into the Boudin. Take for example the rice in our Boudin; it’s not just cooked, no, it’s spiced so well and it’s so delicious that you really just want to sit down and eat it all by itself. We know, we test every component as we’re making it! If the rice is that good, and every other component gets that much attention, the Boudin has to be spectacular as well. And folks have just eaten it up, literally.

Casing Boudin

We’ve also created a truly unique product, Boudin Burgers. It’s an interesting way to enjoy Boudin on a burger bun. It’s really good with Pepper Jack Cheese and a little mustard.