Mission Statement

Primo Gelato's mission statement is: "Delight Everyone."

"Delight" is a higher standard than to satisfy, please, or exceed expectations.  Delight is remarkable.  There are lots of great food options, our mission is to be one percent better than great.

"Everyone" of course begins with customers, but it also includes non-customers, our neighbors, and our community.  This means our mission statement goes beyond the walls of the café.

Our Story

Robin and Wayne Hogue were in Little Italy in New York City in the early 2000's, exploring the city, when they walked into an Italian Gelato Shop.

The Gelato was amazing and somewhere in the scene they had a discussion that went something like this: "We ought to do this in Shreveport!" It was a pivotal moment in life, though it took 15 years before the change happened.

The Ark-La-Tex now has Primo Gelato and Primo Gelato Café.

Primo is 100% locally owned, 100% of the money invested was local money, 100% local contractors did the work, 100% of any profits stays local, and 100% of the employees are local folks as well.

Meet the Team

These folks are the real spirit and backbone of Primo.



Founder & CEO

Bob is the CEO.



Vice President

Dave is the Vice President.


Rick & Fred


Rick & Fred are the CFO's.